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Friday, 24 February 2017


A couple of weeks ago Echorich wrote an A Certain Ratio imaginary compilation album for The Vinyl Villain, a ten song ACR primer. I was going to do it but was slower off the mark than Echorich. Then I thought about just sending in an ep's worth as an extra, a Sextet maybe, but when I thought about it, it was easy to find another ten songs from ACR's rich and varied back catalogue. So my ACR:ICA was posted at The Vinyl Villain yesterday. You can find it here. One of the things mine and Echorich's versions show collectively and was commented on by JTFL is how far 'the band morphed over time but still sounded like themselves'. They remain very underrated and outside certain circles a very unknown group but they are much loved- and were/are musically significant too.

Your Blue Eyes was a 1989 single and opened the major label album Good Together. It is classy Mancunian pop. This vinyl rip has a couple of seconds of wonderful crackle before the song starts. As we all know, life has surface noise.

Your Blue Eyes


Echorich said...

ACR - underrated and undervalued...but if you stayed in touch with A Certain Ratio, you were treated to a wild and varied musical ride. Various members of the band have influenced that path of music over the last almost 40 years with little fanfare or real need for acknowledgement. ACR's value can be experienced with just a listen to our collective ICAs.

Brian said...

You fellas certainly got me interested. Great ICAs.

Anonymous said...

i checked your ACR lists, yes how could you leave 'Flight' off. it was a new genre in itself, 'transcendental funk', ha! their early brand of 'anxiety funk' was insanely edgy. i saw them supporting the mighty JD's at the electric ballroom, heard them before i ever heard 'Parliament', 'Brass Construction' or 'TheOhio Players', they taught us the funk. thanks Ratio for 'dancing us out of our constrictions'.