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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

That's The Sound Of The Man Working On The Chain Gang

I don't know where this photo of Mick Jones comes from (or where I got it for that matter)- long hair, floral shirt, red trousers all makes it post Clash I think. This curio came my way via email recently too from old friend/reader Dub Robots. 7 Years was a Big Audio Dynamite demo from 1988 just Mick, drum machine and spare guitar. Someone called IndieGround and Heston have re-imagined it adding samples, instruments and more voices and turned it into a nicely B.A.D. piece of work, totally unofficial but rather good. There's a link on the Youtube page if you want a download version.

There are multiple B.A.D. bootlegs available out in the internet, The B.A.D. Files, running up from Volume 1 through to 9, containing all kinds of odds and ends. This, if you're interested, is Mick's original demo of 7 Years.

7 Years (Original Demo)


The Swede said...

Excellent work.

Dubrobots said...

I wasn't actually sure if I liked it when I sent it your way, but I kept being drawn back to it and have since concluded that it's rather decent.

Mind you, I think I could enjoy listening to Mick singing Star Trekkin' over a Bontempi organ backing, so I'm probably not the best judge.

Swiss Adam said...

It took me a while to get into it but like you I enjoy it now.

Star Trekkin' would be a song too far.

Simon said...

I work sometimes with one of the people who made star trekkin'.

You will be pleased he is a bit of a knob.