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Friday, 17 February 2017

It's A Gas

I was watching a programme about India recently and this song, Ananda Shankar's sitar version of Jumpin' Jack Flash was playing in the background. My first reaction was 'all those thousands of songs played by Indian musicians and they have to choose a Stones cover, bah humbug, grumble grumble etc'. But then I checked myself and thought 'well, Ananda Shankar was a Bengali musician so there is that' and 'the song is a magnificent blast so stop being stupid'. I think I first became aware of it thanks to David Holmes' Essential Selection where it fitted in perfectly with that mid 90s pick 'n' mix aesthetic, rock and roll and funk and soul and everything else too.

Jumpin' Jack Flash


The Swede said...

I've got the David Holmes Essential CD, but haven't dug it out for yonks - I need to rectify that situation. Top tune!.

Swiss Adam said...

I've done it today. Its a voyage of rediscovery.

thewalker said...

Holmes on the Decks it is then.
Top notch.