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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Ghost Piano

If you're after something new and a tad unsettling then you could do worse than have a look at this. Harvey Sharman Dunn had an old upright piano, much loved but knackered. It had to go but before it did he recorded the sound of all the keys (some in tune, some less so). He's now used those samples, decorated and distorted them, to create an album called Tales From The Ghost Piano which is pretty in places, spooky in others and downright freaked out elsewhere.

It is free/pay what you want from Bandcamp. Get it here.

Harvey has also included a cover of Sparklehorse's It's A Wonderful Life, one of the bleakest songs I've ever enjoyed.


C said...

I love the idea/story behind the ghost piano and it enhanced the way I heard the music too. Sort of scary but sort of comforting at the same time, I can imagine a battered old upright piano, with the keys moving by themselves to play this, in an ancient black and white film.
Had never really listened to Sparklehorse before but can certainly see now why there have been comparisons to Eels.
A nicely low-key slightly spooky post, SA!

Walter said...

So far away from anything else I listened to these days. Thank you for introducing me to him SA

The Swede said...

A very interesting idea and, as you say, a tad unsettling in places.