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Monday, 3 July 2017

BAD Birthday

Mick Jones turned 62 years old last week so this is a belated happy birthday from me. The photo was taken for a music press interview (either NME or Melody Maker) c.1989, after Mick had recovered from a life threatening bout of pneumonia. Those Stussy bucket hats were highly sought after around this time (and still are today).

Mick was on a roll around this time, despite slipping out of fashion, with Megatop Phoenix coming out in 1990, a hit single with Roddy Frame and The Clash hitting number 1 on the back of the Levi's advert. BAD II's Rush was on the B-side, a good Mick song and one of the best the second line up recorded. It was a decision which go down very well with Joe and Paul apparently.

This song was the B-side to the E=mc2 single from a few years earlier..

This Is Big Audio Dynamite


The Swede said...

Belated birthday greetings Mr Jones!

Walter said...

Belated birthday greeting from me as well Mr. Jones.

Hazard said...

Thanks for the radness

JC said...

Still waiting on someone, anyone, offering up a BAD ICA........

62? where in gawd's name has the time gone?

Anonymous said...

I did the BAD ICA I think you'll find.
Swiss Adam