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Wednesday 5 July 2017

Mirror's Edge

Moon Duo have released a pair of albums this year that are still very close to my record player- Occult Architecture Volume's 1 and 2. The idea is that they represent light and shade. Put together they make up a pretty stunning double. In among the motorik rhythms, two chord fuzz and woozy psyche there is this gorgeous instrumental where over a shuffly drumbeat and a shaker Ripley Johnson plays some dripping, fluid, molten guitar, some wah wah here and there, like a controlled Hendrix on E. Both records are worth your time and money.

Mirror's Edge


Walter said...

I can only agree to your words. Got them both and they are Close to my Player as well. Great stuff.

thewalker said...

Oooookay, that got me hooked from the get-go.

You could've convinced me that "Mirrors edge" was an out-take from the One Dove sessions.
Which is good.

The Swede said...

Excellent pair of albums. You've chosen my favourite tune from Vol.2.

Swiss Adam said...

I hadn't made that connection Walker but now you have I can hear it.