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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Hall Of Mirrors

Oh look! More new Andrew Weatherall remixes. Two of them, this time reworking London band The Early Years, makers of experimental, drone, motorik music using guitars and synths. I've posted them before. Weatherall turns in a pair of remixes, each one long and expansive, with melodies and noises and machine rhythms. The first one is lighter, hypnotic and more playful, the second darker and foreboding but with a nice piano break to let some daylight in.

Elsewhere on the ep Andy Bell of Ride and XAM get stuck in. It's out now, four track vinyl at your usual vinyl emporium or download at Sonic Cathedral. All four remixes are on the player below.


drew said...

This man is going to bloody bankrupt me. Nothing wrong with his productivity anyway.

Swiss Adam said...

It's getting so that I'm almost dreading new releases that have to bought. Productivity is high, as is quality control.

Echorich said...

Weatherall playing in dangerous territory for me...To me , II is on of the best albums of the last 17 yrs. Luckily I think Weatherall might be on the same page as me... Get the whole EP!