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Friday 14 July 2017

Some Bread And Cheese And Fine White Wine

Same city as yesterday's post but two decades later, Sharevari is widely credited with being the first Detroit techno record. Named after the Charevari parties and made by A Number Of Names (a three piece plus any number of friends) Sharevari was played on a local radio show and gathered momentum from thereon. In 1981. Yep, 1981. This footage came my way yesterday on Twitter, the crowd dancing to Sharevari at The Scene in Detroit in 1982.

Relentless, robotic rhythm, chanted vocals and a throbbing non-stop synthline. I don't know if Sharevari is the first techno record- there are always people who'll claim there was another from a year earlier- but it is without doubt a very forward thinking and pioneering record.



The Swede said...

Brilliant clip!

Swiss Adam said...

The clip's amazing isn't it

drew said...

When you off to France then SA?

Anonymous said...

26th. Counting the days.
Swiss Adam

Echorich said...