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Saturday, 12 August 2017


This one crept back into my subconscious and playlist a few weeks ago and having revisited the single, the original version, the remix and parent album I can confirm it's still stuck there. New Fast Automatic Daffodils were caught up in the Madchester scene and released some sublimely funky indie-dance-rock, sinewy basslines and scratchy guitars, left of centre and off kilter with singer Andy Spearpoint's stream of lyrics adding to the fun- 'the desert grow three miles a year, it just grows, it just grows, I put my pain in a jar, it will be full tomorrow'.

For the remix on the 12" Jon da Silva added some dancefloor electronics and it is still cooking up a storm.

Big (Baka)


The Swede said...

Loved the New FADs, but I'm not sure that I've ever heard this mix before. Nice one.

Jake Sniper said...

Love the NFADs, their first two albums are ones which I always go back to. Used to have the third album,but ca'nt find it or really remember it.

Anonymous said...

Music Is Shit

drew said...


TheRobster said...

That first New FADs album remains one of the best to come out of that era. It sounded unique - still does. The others were decent too, but they had set themselves a bar so high they could never quite reach it again.