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Saturday 9 December 2017

Dark Of The Woods

It's Saturday, the forecast is for snow today and lots of snow tomorrow. They often promise that but equally often it doesn't happen. To be frank, snow at the weekend is a waste of time and effort. Snow is only any real use if it closes work and you get a stolen day off.

A few weeks ago the latest edition of the R.G.C. Archive our went up online, Andrew Weatherall's irregular jaunt through his record collection following his enforced move form his Shoreditch studio. This is Vol. 11 and has a distinctly filmic and soundtrack quality with a side order skronky saxophone jazz. Just right for bunkering in while the snow falls.

Black Merda - Windsong
Don Sebesky - Sounds Of Silence
John Schroeder Orchestra - But She Ran The Other Way
Quincy Jones - Sahara Stone
Simon Park - Tides
Annette Peacock - The Succubus
Ralph Carmichael - Searching Questions
Bruno Nicolai - De Sade
The Harry Roche Constellation - Spiral
The Mystic Moods - The Seventh Plane
Ennio Morricone - Come Maddalaena
The Animated Egg - I Said, She Said, Ah Cid


Anonymous said...

I know a blogger who is well into this Weatherall bloke. Wish I could remember his name now...

Swiss Adam said...

Let me know when you think of it.