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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

No Good

On our Freeview box we have several music channels, one of which is devoted to dance music (Clubland Classics or something is its name). It often runs down a chart of 50 early 90s dance music smashes which invariably I get sucked into. I walked into the front room on Sunday to find this playing.

Before they decided to turn into a rock band The Prodigy were a full on Essex rave outfit, Liam Hewlett's dj and production skills plus 3 mates as dancers. No Good (Start The Dance) was a 1994 single built around a Kelly Charles vocal sample, rave synth stabs and a frantic breakbeat. The video is also very 1994, clearly paving the way for the later Firestarter and Breathe videos. But aside from slow-mo shots of Liam, Keith Flint and Maxim, it's the dancing that really strikes me and that really locates it in 1994.

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