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Saturday 23 December 2017

One Christmas For Your Thoughts

I've completely avoided Christmas songs up to now this year- they/it's been really annoying me- but I finished work yesterday and don't have to go back until Monday 8th January. And that is very good indeed.

So, Saturday before Christmas and everything that entails. Last minute shopping. Return trips to the supermarket for that one item they didn't have or you'd forgotten. Queuing to get in the supermarket carpark (although you knew you should have walked you thought it'd be ok). Writing cards for people who live nearby who you'd decided you wouldn't post to this year but then one from them dropped through the letterbox.

Forget all of that and spend a few minutes with Vini Reilly and an achingly beautiful piece of music from The Durutti Column.

One Christmas For Your Thoughts

One Christmas... is a close cousin of the magnificent For Belgian Friends. It was recorded in 1981 but not released until 1985, coming out on Les Disques du Crepuscule, a Belgian label based in Brussels that put out records by Factory acts (along with its subsidiary Factory Benelux).


Anonymous said...

Hits the spot. Magnificent. Listening as I am assembling a list of forgotten grocery store items.

Have a good one.


Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Darren. Hope it isn't too busy at the supermarket. I have a terrible feeling I'm required to go back as well.

Jake Sniper said...

I'm trying to decide whether to go and get the last few items iv'e forgotten today or tomorrow, I can't spend Christmas without pickled onions.Went shopping yesterday into Glasgow city centre,The only thing that kept me from fleeing was listening to Mr Weatherall's excellent Qualia. Which probably why I forgot pickled onions, yeast etc.

londonlee said...

Merry Kringle old chap

Echorich said...

Music to make a Bourbon Pecan Spice cake to!