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Friday 11 May 2018

Attention Attention! Mesdames Monsieurs

Andrew Weatherall has done two remixes of a song from Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds' latest album, It's A Beautiful World, with both being released on 12" as part of RSD 2018 along with a pair fun piano house remixes from Mike Pickering and Graeme Park. I picked up a copy online without any bother or paying over the odds and without having to queue up at dawn outside Piccadilly Records.

The dub mix is super space age dub, electronic drums and fuzzy synth bass, a bit of Noel and Charlotte Courbe's spoken word part. It builds over ten minutes, gathering pace and intensity, and is a lovely job. It has upset the Dadrock fans however. Some of the comments over at Youtube are a treat-

'Dear Andrew Weatherall, Please Stop. Regards, Everyone'

'Noel really lets Andrew do anything, huh?'

'Noel Is my favorite artist but this Is.. so not biblical...'

'This is the worst of the 3 remixes. I like the other two but not this one'

'What a piece of garbage'

'this is shiiiite'

And my favourite from a Youtube user called Marco...

'My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined'

The vocal remix has a 'real drums' rhythm track and is a bit looser than the dub, some shimmering wobbly parts and more of Noel's vox. It works well back-to-back with Weatherall's remix of Mark Lanegan done last year, dark, foreboding and rocking.

You might think the feathercuts would be more into this one...

'I can’t find any reason to listen this song. Original song is better in every aspect'

'Noel is biblical but this is God awful I'm afraid'

Marco appears over on this one too, he really doesn't like remixes...'My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined'.

'Awful drums'


'Fucking rubbish'

Anyway, as you were, as someone is wont to say.


TheRobster said...

You Tube commenters should be hunted down and shot at dawn. No, really. They spend the rest of their time leaving comments on the Daily Mail website.

drew said...

Those comments may have just persuaded me to buy it,

Anonymous said...

"Noel is biblical . . .". Ha! Laugh of the day - thanks. The dub remix is really good.

The Beard said...

"Noel is biblical"

Biblical must translate as "made better when touched by the hand of Weatherall".

Anonymous said...

Ah my bezzie mate.... Anotony...sorry, Andy is it...?

Unknown said...

mouth breathers

Michael Doherty said...

I think they might be confusing "biblical" with "bronze age" with regards to Noel.