Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday, 3 May 2018


This is a track off an obscure 12" released in 1990, 5 tracks inspired by house music and the warehouse party scene, made by Matt Gray under the name Westworld (a name already in use in the 80s by the Sonic Boom Boy band). Dreamworld opened side AA and is simplicity itself- a rising and falling synth sound, washes of strings, some percussion and then a thumping kick drum, an Italo-house sequenced bassline and a piano riff to raise arms in the air. The sort of track that makes complete strangers hug each other ask the key questions- what's your name? and where are you from? and what are you on?


Last month Gerd Janson released a re-edit of The Slam, a track from the A side of the original 12"- sirens, cowbells Mantronix style, wailing vox and a rolling piano riff, out now on vinyl should you wish for a fuller, deeper audio experience.

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