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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

How Soon Is Dub

You may think that the recorded works of Morrissey, Marr, Rourke and Joyce are so sacrosanct that they shouldn't be mucked with. I don't as it happens, I'm more than  happy for people to rework and remix almost everything and anything if it's done well. Plus, seeing as Morrissey sees fit to spew shit all over his legacy there's no reason why the odd bootlegger and remixer shouldn't (and given his 'all reggae is vile' comment back in the 80s this seems even more fitting). This is a dub version of How Soon Is Now, using the original track, especially Johnny Marr's wonderful guitar parts, and adding the dub elements in increasingly as it rides on. As a bonus there's precious little Morrissey involved in it too.

How Soon Is Now? Dubweiser Remix


The Swede said...

Very enjoyable.

Martin said...


KG Hildebrandt said...

That's very proper.x

Michael Doherty said...

Sorry, I have to say I don't like it. It's all a bit clunky.

Swiss Adam said...

No need to apologise Michael.

Although I like the clunkiness- sounds like it's being remixed live on an old console.