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Wednesday 9 May 2018

Duffed Up

I was listening to Primal Scream's Echo Dek album on Monday as the sun started to heat the day up and blue skies appeared for the third day running. In 1997 Bobby and co. gave Adrian Sherwood the tapes to their Vanishing Point album and let him do what he wanted to them. Echo Dek is largely stunning, full of thundering bass, heavy rhythms, static and hiss, echo and delay and door bells ringing. The second track on the album is a reworking of Get Duffy, a Martin Duffy keyboard led groover from the source album. Duffed Up heads into a dub/skronky jazz soundtrack area with a horn section and harpsichord. Massive Attack and Mad Professor's No Protection pulled off the same trick in 1995, experimental mid 90s dub funded by major labels (and the Oasis millions).

Duffed Up


The Swede said...

Terrific stuff. Vanishing Point / Echo Dek is my favourite period of the band.

Michael Doherty said...

I love this period of live Primal Scream, double projector screens with mirror images of dolphins, Black Panthers, etc. Oh,and the music. Exquisite!