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Monday, 9 September 2019

Monday's Long Song

Since posting Rainbow Sun by Seahawks in the middle of August I've been digging around their back catalogue, acquiring a 2016 album (Escape Hatch), some Prins Thomas remixes and a remix compilation called Deep Haul. Ecsape Hatch is a dreamy piece of work, ten songs that seem to be centred around the ebb and flow of Mediterranean with rhythms that occasionally make it to house music tempo but are usually much slower, saxophones drifting in from Bladerunner, piano and guitars lost in a haze of FX, lots of texture and sheen. Very easy to put on and then lose yourself in. Starways is just shy of twelve minutes long and is an excellent way to start the working week.



The Swede said...

I feel like I'm unaware of Seahawks, but note that you've posted them several times in the past, so I'm going to go back and check any of the links that are still active. This is very nice SA.

Swiss Adam said...

The one from last month is still active Swede. Lots of their stuff on emusic.

drew said...

I can vouch that this works equally as well on a dreich Tuesday morning. Great stuff.