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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Avril 14th

Avril 14th is a beautiful piano piece by Aphex Twin. It was originally released on his 2001 Drukqs album, a double album only released after Aphex left an mp3 player on a plane and was worried that they'd be discovered and bootlegged. There are several other versions of Avril 14th, some of which surfaced at a Soundcloud page belonging to user18081971 (a pseudonym for Ahex Twin/ Richard D James). This one is gorgeous, the use of reverb and delay creating a completely self contained world.

Avril 14th (altdelay)

User18081971 uploaded some new songs last week including two slow, haunting synth pieces. The post was dedicated to his father who had recently passed away along with this, a piece of music called qu 1.

This one too, s8v1 [brooklyn] Both are still available to download. The rest of user18081971's free track archive is here.


drew said...

There are some absolute gems amongst those tracks, at present Raindrops on Roses appeals

Swiss Adam said...

It's an Aphex Twin bran tub lucky dip.