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Thursday 30 April 2020

Stranger On The Shore

Michael Smith, writer and poet, worked with Andrew Weatherall in 2016. Weatherall had been offered the post of artist- in- residence at Faber & Faber. One of his projects was to provide an ambient soundtrack over which Smith read extracts from his novel Unreal City, his Hartlepool accent very striking over the soundscapes made by Andrew, Nina Walsh and guitarist Franck Alba. There was a limited edition book with Andrew's handwritten notes in the margins, a CD of the soundtrack (six long ambient pieces with Michael Smith speaking over the top) and a 10" record remixing one of the tracks, all released in one lovely package.



Michael Smith moved to St. Leonards, a down- at- heel seaside town near Hastings and with Maxy Bianco made three films about three seaside towns, liminal places where the land meets the sea, where the rules are slightly different, and the people that live there. Andrew and Nina again produced a soundtrack. This is the Hastings and St. Leonards one....

The other two films explored Whitby, North Yorkshire and Grays in Essex. You can watch them at the BFI's website.


Nick L said...

Great film, with the perfect music to accompany it. Being a regular visitor to Hastings I can confirm its beguiling feel. These days it's much more interesting than Brick Lane, Brighton or Camden, and hopefully won't go the same way as those places.

Swiss Adam said...

Fingers crossed eh? I need to take a trip to the south coast and have an explore. When things change obvs