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Saturday 2 May 2020

Isolation Mix Five

Five weeks into these isolation mixes already- doesn't time fly when you're socially restricted? There is a higher BPM count on this mix but also some folky darkness and post punk dread from Nick Drake and A Certain Ratio respectively, some dance grooves from Ellis Island Sound and Scott Fraser, the ultra Balearic vibes of Richard Norris' Time And Space Machine remix of A Mountain Of One, some 1990 class from World Unite when Creation Records went all E'd up and dancey, Andrew Weatherall remixing Moby and Wayne Coyne in epic style, half of The Clash with Frank Ocean and Diplo plus the West Los Angeles Childrens' Choir (brought to you in association with Converse) from 2014 and a very long Seahawks remix of Tim Burgess, some headspinning ambient noise set against Harry Dean Stanton's monologue from Paris, Texas. 'Yep, I know that feeling'.

Nick Drake: ‘Cello Song
A Certain Ratio: Winter Hill
Ellis Island Sound: Intro, Airborne, Travelling (Scott Fraser Remix)
A Mountain Of One: Ride (The Time And Space Machine Remix)
World Unite: World Unite
Moby Ft. Wayne Coyne: Another Perfect Life (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Diplo: Hero
Tim Burgess: A Gain// Stoned Alone Again Or (Seahawks Remix) v Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski and Ry Cooder: I Knew These Two People, Paris Texas soundtrack


acidted said...

keep 'em coming

Swiss Adam said...

Will try to. Seem to have committed myelf to something that is really enjoyable but takes up quite a bit of time. Work is ramping up, to use a current phrase, and I need to find the space to do it. Having said that, this one came together weirdly easily.

drew said...

Great stuff. Had Orb Live 93 on last night where Alex P drops in the cough from that Paris Texas scene and then liberally drops in "i knew these people, these two people!

Tom W said...

It's become part of my Monday morning working ritual to listen to these, and this is my favourite so far. Thanks

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Tom.