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Saturday 30 May 2020

Isolation Mix Nine- Weatherdub

It's difficult to know where we are with isolation any more. Many people seem to be acting like it's all over, parks are full of groups of people and social distancing is a thing of last month. The daily death toll doesn't seem to be diminishing that much and in the north west we currently have the highest regional infection and death rate in the country. As the government brings about the end of lockdown in favour of the economy and to distract from the horrors of their mismanagement of the entire period, some people I'm sure will stay in and stay distanced. In our household we are shielding so our lives will carry on as before for the moment. God only knows where we go from here.

Isolation Mix 9 came partly from a comment I made at The Flightpath Estate, an Andrew Weatherall Facebook group where I promised a Weatherdub mix, and partly from Isolation Mix 6 three weeks ago, an hour of dub that had several of Lord Sabre's fingerprints on it. There's some crossover between that mix and this one but I chose the other Steve Mason remix and dropped the Sabres Of Paradise dub of Regret by New Order just for variety's sake. This mix, an hour and a quarter of dub business from Andrew Weatherall as a solo artist, aided and abetted by Nina Walsh, as a remixer, as a Sabre Of Paradise and as an Asphodell, spans thirty years taking in songs from 1990 and 2020. There's loads more that could have gone in but I thought I'd keep it compact.

Sabres Of Paradise: Ysaebud (From The Vaults)
Sabres Of Paradise: Return of Carter
Steve Mason: Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 1)
Andrew Weatherall: Unknown Plunderer
Saint Etienne: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherall Mix)
Sabres Of Paradise: Edge 6
Andrew Weatherall: End Times Sound
Meatraffle: Meatraffle On The Moon (Andrew Weatherall Dub)
Richard Sen: Songs Of Pressure (The Asphodells Remix)
Andrew Weatherall: Kiyadub 45
Lark: Can I Colour In Your Hair? (Andrew Weatherall Version)
Planet 4 Folk Quartet: Message To Crommie


Nick L said...

Great mix, looking forward to hearing it later. Hearing Only Love Can Break Your Heart in this guise again will be a particular treat.
Yep, when independent scientists are saying it's too early to ease the lockdown you know it's time to live by your own rules and stay in. One day there will be an enquiry...

Walter said...

What a great start into the weekend with your excellent mix. And I can confirm your words. The people over in Germany also ignore the rules of protecting others. What I can't understand is that scientists get death threats by publishing their results. It is a weird world right now.

drew said...

Woken up by a bunch of steamin' teenagers going by at 02:00 this morning. We are fucked!

great mix for me to paint the bathroom too today, thanks.

Jake Sniper said...

Yeah I went for a cycle yesterday, traffic pretty much back to normal and there's a rise I litter. Looks like another great mix, I'll listen later on.

moggieboy said...

Perfect accompaniment to WFH to on a sunny day - if it wasn't for a Zoom call in 10 mins I'd be "rolling a phat one" to accompany it. Ace...

blureu said...

Thanks, I needed this.

Swiss Adam said...

Glad you all enjoyed it.