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Saturday 16 May 2020

Isolation Mix Seven

An hour and a minute of stitched together songs for Saturday. This one caused me a bit of a headache at times. It was an attempt I think at first to try to join some dots together in terms of feel or sounds, with a nod to Kraftwerk following Florian Schneider's death last week. There was an earlier version that went quite techno/dance for the last twenty minutes but I then went back and did the end section again. I'm still not sure I got it quite right, and think I may have tried to cover too many bases stylistically, but my self imposed deadline was approaching so 'publish and be damned', as the Duke of Wellington said. Although he wasn't dealing with the business of trying to get spaghetti westerns, indie dance, shoegaze and leftfield electronic music to sit together in one mix was he?

Ennio Morricone: Watch Chimes (From ‘For A Few Dollars More’)
David Sylvian and Robert Fripp: Endgame
Talk Talk: Life’s What You Make It
Saint Etienne: Kiss And Make Up (Midsummer Madness Mix)
Spacemen 3: Big City (Everyone I Know Can Be Found Here)
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve: Diagram Girl (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re- Animation)
My Bloody Valentine: Don’t Ask Why
Jon Hopkins and Kelly Lee Owens: Luminous Spaces
Kraftwerk: Numbers
Death In Vegas: Consequences Of Love (Chris and Cosey Remix)
Chris Carter: Moonlight
Simple Minds: Theme For Great Cities
Durutti Column: It’s Wonderful

I have a significant birthday fast approaching. A few months ago we had planned that today would be a day of celebrating with anyone who wanted to join us, starting with lunch and few beers in town and then a tram pub crawl southbound out of the city centre towards Sale, stopping off in Old Trafford (maybe) and Stretford (definitely) before some drinks locally in the evening. That obviously isn't happening. I'll have to re-schedule for my 51st. 


Unknown said...

Another great mix. What are the virtual pub crawl options. Online pub games?

Nick L said...

Once again, that's a great mix. It's going to sound great for my dusk walk around suburban south west London again this evening.
Oh and isn't it a shame Simple Minds abandoned that more European, light, gliding kind of direction?

drew said...

Another good one SA

Echorich said...

Yeah, THAT is a great mix! The choice of the opening two tracks is a stunning bit of programming. LIfe's What You Make is a good shaking of our collective shoulders - we need to get on with it, however it is now. I look forward to when the world sounds and feels like the propulsive engine that comes from Themes For Great Cities...

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks everyone.
Wasn't sure if the first 2 songs worked at first Echorich but I'm pretty pleased with it now.

Unknown- online pub games it is. And return trips to the 'bar' for crisps.

Brian said...

I'll be toasting you while listening to this mix tonight. Lots of favorites here sprinkled with a couple I haven't heard. Love that.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your Isolation mixes and this one is no exception. Coincidentally, following a restless night on Friday, I ended up doing a mix which I finished at 5.30am. Thematically, there are some similarities with yours: Ennio Morricone, Talk Talk, Kraftwerk, early 90s dance (albeit The Orb in place of Saint Etienne).


I hope that you have a great birthday, however you end up celebrating. I have the same milestone at the end of this year and it's hard to foresee what that will even look like. But this strange time has also given the space to appreciate so much more that we've been too busy to pause for.

Cheers, Khayem

JC said...

This is a wonderful listen

51 will new the 50 next year. As will 41 be the new 40, 22 the new 21 etc....

Hope I get an invite.

Swiss Adam said...

Ha. Of course JC.

Tom W said...

Really enjoyed that one, thanks