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Thursday 28 May 2020

Sorry Kids We Left You With A Black Sun

Lol Hammond (Ex- Drum Club) and Duncan Forbes (ex- Spooky) have a new album out in July, a record called Who Will Stop The Robots? Ahead of it are two new songs. This one, Sorry Kids We Left You With A Black Sun is a beaut, a full on wall of swirl, the shimmer and haze of shoegaze with 808s and the floating vocals of Eva Abraham. Majestic summer sounds with an apocalyptic warning.

Ahead of that one, back in March, came The Sky Is Falling, an emotive Eno- esque piece of ambient piano music which drifts in, wraps its arms around you and then departs again leaving you better than it found you.


Anonymous said...

I love an apocalyptic anthem ('Black Sun'). but needs more lyrics. i think'll write some, 'when everyone was sleeping we painted out the sky'.

martin b said...

never knew these were working together, seems they've already had an album out! Spookily (heh) i was on a Spooky and Slab rabbithole the other day so this has jumped to the top of the must listen list

drew said...

The difference 27 years makes, from Follow The Sun and it's wide eyed optimism to Sorry Kids We Left You With A Black Sun (sigh!)