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Saturday 14 August 2021

Cicada Interlude

Chris Coco's Balearic/ ambient/ found sound/ folktronica label has just announced the release of a four track EP by Nick And Samantha called Summer Is Here, a release which leads with a cover of Barry White's You're My First, the Last, My Everything- but you can't hear that yet. Instead they've trailed it with a forty five second track called Cicada Interlude, which is pretty much just cicadas doing their thing and some echo/ FX. And who wouldn't enjoy that on a Saturday morning in the middle of August? I know I do. 

Get it here

Which reminds me of this 1995 samples and funky organ single by Beastie Boys' keyboard player and repair man Money Mark...

Insects Are All Around Us


C said...

Ooh, I love Insects Are All Around Us, brilliant. I'm a bit of an insect fan.

Swiss Adam said...

Incredibly, when Insects Are All Around Us was released as single it reached no. 99 on the UK chart.

Echorich said...

Money Mark! You have to appreciate the stream of conscious genre hopping this man has done over the years.