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Sunday 15 August 2021

Hands Of Drone

Hands Of Drone is the latest project from Leicester- based artist Harvey Sharman- Dunn, a five track release of instrumentals and drones, created using analogue and digital sounds, found sounds and synths with all sorts of delay and time stretching going on. The album's first track, Hands, is almost quarter of an hour long and ideal for Sunday morning reflection and contemplation, a long industrial/ metallic drone but oddly calming. Artifice_81 is much shorter and less earthbound. Perfect (with Ben Moore) is ten minutes of edge of space stuff, minute changes in tone and timbre seeming enormous. Brother is at first ethereal but then becoming more foreground, a guitar audible in the mix, some backwards sounds (piano and guitar I think) and a sense of motion. Eventually a slide or Hawaiian guitar topline comes to the front. Last track Flowers is ten minutes of ringing, swooping and whooshing sounds with a saw taking the lead. Treat yourself to some Hands Of Drone- you deserve it.

Buy it digitally or on Ye Olde Compacte Disc at Bandcamp

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