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Sunday 8 August 2021

Railton Ruckus

For my money one of the singles of the summer- if not the single of the summer- came out last Friday from Rude Audio, South London's finest post- Balearic/ acid house/ chug outfit. Railton Ruckus is a tribute to heady nights out in Brixton, a four track EP available at Bandcamp. The Original Mix kicks off with a dark, tempting melody line and timbales, a mesmerising groove to soundtrack your night out or night in, a very cool example of how to hit the spot. 

Rude Audio somehow managed to tempt Hugo Nicolson out of remix retirement. Hugo's remix is eight minutes of fun, sections of the original mix pulled out and re-arranged, a wordless vocal line pulled to the fore and a sense of the wide eyed joy and abandon he brought to those early 90s remixes done on his own or with Andrew Weatherall. The loops go round, at times dizzyingly so, circling ever higher/ deeper. Top fun. 

The Bedford Falls Players Remix, stripped down and minimal, builds a kind of languid tension into the track, the timbales bouncing back and forth, bassline chugging, the topline appearing in snatches, a voice echoing in the dark at four minutes, the drums coming in around five minutes and then a slow release through to the end. 

Fourth track in is the Kampong Glam Mix of They're In Our Head, a pulsing, chugging dub disco monster, perfectly pitched for shuffling around to in a basement or when you're cooking tea- and when you get to the end, you just go round to the start, hit play and go though them all again. Like I said, single of the summer. 


Khayem said...

A great bundle of mixes, Weatherall's influence particularly strong in the original and Hugo Nicholson remixes.

Walter said...

I listened to Railton Ruckus last weekend but this versions are new to me. Fantastic stuff.