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Saturday 28 August 2021

Danza Oscuro

The Poncho Brothers are from Yukatan, Mexico and are the purveyors psyche/ no wave/ disco. In 2015 they released their sole single, a four track 12" single with this song on it,  Danza Oscuro (Dark Dance in English). It came out on Glasgow's Invisible, Inc label and you can buy it digitally here

Scuzzy bass at the fore, a wayward groove, wiggly synths, surf guitar- lovely stuff. 

I first heard it as part of this recording of Andrew Weatherall playing in a field in Italy at the Terraforma festival in 2017. Our DJ on stage with his belongings in a carrier bag, workwear, jeans with big turn- ups, braces and round sunglasses and proceeds to play a seamless mix of punk, indie, rock 'n' roll, post- punk, an anything goes approach to DJing as long as you can dance to it. Any set that contains The Poncho Brothers, Gerry And The Holograms, Fujiya and Miyagi, The Dream Syndicate, AMOR and Moon Duo (among others) is a winner. The man knew how to DJ. 


Khayem said...

Great track and a further reminder of Weatherall's aptitude at sharing forgotten & (at the time) new songs, and seamlessly weaving them into a rich musical tapesty.

Swiss Adam said...

His ability to select tracks and segue them together was second to none.