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Thursday 16 December 2021


I found some refuge in Ian McCulloch's album Candleland yesterday. I'm not sure why. It just suggested itself to me. When Ian recorded and released it in 1989 he was coming at it from going through the twin losses of his father and Bunnymen drummer Pete de Freitas. I've been listening to Treasure by The Cocteau Twins the day before so maybe the Elizabeth Fraser connection prompted me to dig it out (she sings on the title track). Ian McCulloch solo albums may not carry a huge amount of significance or currency at the tail end of 2021 but this song carried me through for a few minutes yesterday.


This version from a session for John Peel is a less smoothed out, rawer take on the song with Ian singing on his own and lots of natural echo on the guitars and voice. The session went out at the end of September 1989 and was recorded with Ian's new live band, The Prodigal Sons (who included Edgar Summertyme on bass and the legendary Mike Mooney on guitar). 

Candleland (Peel Session)


Nick L said...

Dont worry about why you found refuge in it Adam, it's just great that you did for a short while.
When it came out, I rather felt that this album got lost in the Roses and Mondays euphoria. Mac didn't always do himself any favours with a misplaced arrogance in a time when he surely had a point to prove, but with over 30 years hindsight it's a very good album. The Peel session is the one though, it's slightly ragged edges a bit more post punk maybe...

Khayem said...

I didn't buy the albums, but I thought that Mac solo had flashes of brilliance and Candleland is one of them. I'm glad that music and writing is giving you some form of comfort, Adam. Thinking of you all.