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Friday 31 December 2021


My last post of 2021 is one of the first releases of 2022, a new single from Fontän, electronic- psychedelicists from Gothenburg, Sweden. Iriz is out on 7" vinyl in two weeks time but you can download it now. It's a slowly building six minute glide, spaced out psychedelia and is gorgeousness itself. Twinkling melodies, soft padded drums, a sliding guitar part, a warm bath of sounds, before a rattling drumkit joins in and pushes the song through its second half. It has an elegiac feel to it which strikes some chords with me. 

Yesterday was one month since Isaac died. I don't know what to make of that- it seems like yesterday that we were in hospital with him and the days immediately following his death seem very recent. But already Christmas and his funeral seem further away. The pain is still very real and the smallest things can set me off. In some ways, I'm quite glad that it still feels so raw- the tears that come suddenly when in the frozen food aisle in the supermarket or when driving in the car- they seem to make 'it' and him seem closer, certainly closer than something which is already a month ago.

The press release for Iriz talks about the recording being 'dedicated to nomads, space travellers, free spirits that visit earth for a brief time to make a mark here on their way to other worlds' which is a strangely timed coincidence and a nice way to think of things. 

Iriz (and previous 7" single Svett) can be bought from the always reliable Hoga Nord records. If you're doing anything tonight I hope you have a good time. Raise a glass to us all, as you see the new year in. Happy new year. 


C said...

That's a lovely, dreamy tune.
It's strange how the speed of the passing of time can seem so inconsistent - I've found this more and more the older I've got too, more and more often it just seems to make no sense. You are so eloquent in describing what you're going through. I think I understand what you mean about that raw feeling and a sense of gratitude for having it; there is something about going through feelings of grief so absolutely and fully which although incredibly painful and visceral, also seem so necessary.
Yes, will raise a glass to you all tonight and wish you all the very best for 2022 - and of course thank you for another year of your ever excellent blog.

Khayem said...

Great tune, Adam. I've only heard a remix that they did of Australian band Wolfmother waaay back in 2009, so it's great to be reintroduced to them.

You articulate your experiences and feelings so well. It must be very difficult - impossible, even - to write at times but I hope that it continues to help with the healing process and remembering all of those wonderful connections, however tenuous they may seem.

It's clear that there are many, many people who, as fans of Bagging Area, have also a great deal of love and respect for you too. For someone who continues to share and give, I hope that you continue to get something back from us that helps, however small, every day.

Thank you, Adam - I'll raise a glass to you, Lou, Eliza & Isaac and wish you all the best for 2022, whichever roads and worlds we may travel.

Pete from Minnesota said...

Thank you for everything you've shared and written here. Wishing you light and peace in the days and year ahead.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks all.