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Friday 10 December 2021

Songs For Isaac 5

Sifter's Records on Fog Lane in Burnage is a second hand record shop immortalised in the Oasis single Shakermaker ('Mr Sifter sold me songs/ When I was just sixteen/ Now he stops at traffic lights/ But only when they're green'). It is about half a mile from where I grew up in Withington and a regular haunt for me until recent years. Sometime back when Isaac and Eliza were both pretty young, around 2008, I hit upon the brilliant plan that if I took them into Sifter's and gave them a fiver each, they could choose a record each while I browsed the racks. The plan only had two flaws: 1) it was high risk. I could easily end up walking out with a copy of Tango In The Night and a 12" of Whitney's I Wanna Dance With Somebody and 2) my attempt to get them crate digging didn't occupy them for very long at all, they both committed to records quickly and then got bored and wanted to leave. 

On the other hand, they both randomly came up with the goods. Eliza, round about five years old, chose a copy of Into The Groove on 12", Madonna's 1985 Desperately Seeking Susan smash hit. Nothing wrong with a bit of Madge, classic 80s dance pop (and covered by Ciccone Youth but that's for another day). I suspect the mid- 80s Madonna and Rosanna Arquette on the sleeve, all hair and bangles, may have influenced her choice. 

Into The Groove

Isaac's eyes and hands had picked out a 12" single too, There's A Ghost In My House by The Fall. 

There's A Ghost In My House

The Vinyl Villain recently wrote about this 12" as part of his weekly ramble through The Fall's singles and you can find his post and the singles B- sides here. What drew Isaac to it I don't know- the sleeve isn't exactly child friendly but it's another piece of 80s dance music, The Fall approaching accessibility with Brix in the group and a cover of one of my wife Lou's favourite Northern Soul hits (R. Dean Taylor's original came out on Motown in 1967). As for the song's title taking on new meaning now,  well, I don't know about ghosts but Isaac's presence is all over our house from his coat and bobble hat still hanging up in the hall as you come in through the front door to the hundreds of cards we've received since he died last Tuesday. Thanks again to all of you who have left comments here or elsewhere. It means a lot. 


Germanc said...

Your strength writing these is inspiring Adam. And a gorgeous tribute to your boy. I only ever met him once. Outside the Ritz when you were off to see Sally at The Refuge. He told me off for smoking. Love to you and the family sweetheart. X

Mark said...

Its so nice to read these Adam and it’s lovely that you are happy to share these thoughts and memories with us…
Lots of love me Lisa Harvey & Ellis xx

Aditya said...

I love reading these, Adam. What a lovely tribute to Isaac and how nice to share your memories.

Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Top stuff. Like reading the stories about Isaac. Thank you for sharing.

Khayem said...

What a great story. I don't think I'd chance it with my daughter...! Brilliant selections, though: Into The Groove was and is a fantastic song, whether Madonna's original or Ciccone Youth's cover, though I'll always plump for the original. And that cover sleeve is an iconic, none-more-80s pop image, isn't it?

As for The Fall, I think I heard the B.E.F. version first, then The Fall's and whilst I love the latter, it did the job of leading me back to R. Dean Taylor's original.

Conrad said...

Not hear that in so long. I had no idea it’s a cover. Will be checking out the original too.