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Sunday 12 December 2021

Her Winter Coat

I clicked play on the new Saint Etienne single the other day and it hit me in the chest. There's a general anxious knot in my stomach much of the time at the moment and I'm just accepting it as a part of grief, trying not to fixate on it or worry too much about when it will go.

Her Winter Coat is following hot on the heels of Saint Etienne's autumnal album I've Been Trying To Tell You, and is tinged with the sadness that permeated the album. Pete, Bob and Sarah are saying Her Winter Coat is a Christmas single but it just sounds like a song to me, no novelty or Christmas artifice about it at all. 


C said...

That is lovely - I enjoyed the video too (and love the main character's pre-Raphaelite look).
Thanks, Adam, for keeping the blog going the way you have been so far, I'm always glad to see another post pop up from you, and hope very much that it is at least a little therapeutic. I would imagine too that the knot in your stomach is a natural part of everything you're going through, with our emotions and bodies being so connected, and can only hope it starts to ease soon. (It may only be a placebo, who knows, but a few drops of 'Rescue Remedy' have helped me through times of anxiety and grief, just to lessen those nagging physical symptoms, so I mention it here just in case it might be of any help).

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks C. I've been quite thrown by how absolutely physical grief can feel.

Khayem said...

Thanks for sharing, Adam. I love the Saint Etienne song and video. Nothing like it really, but it reminds me somehow of How We Used To Live.