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Sunday 24 April 2022

Half An Hour Of Disco Poco Loco Pub

Out in Mallorca, straddling the Palma Nova/ Magaluf border, sits Disco Poco Loco Pub. Sadly, it wasn't open when we were there two weeks ago but every time we passed it I enjoyed the sign and the thought of Disco Poco Loco Pub. For this week's half hour mix I'm putting together thirty four minutes of music that the DJ at Poco Loco might have played. I'm guessing that the tracks I've stitched together below aren't what will be coming out of the speakers and filling the floor once the season is well under way in Magaluf so the mix below is more of a Poco Loco mix of the mind or of my imagination, some piano house and Balearic remixes, spanning the mid 80s to this year. 

Disco Poco Loco Pub Mix

  • Voice Of Africa: Hoomba Hoomba
  • Piano Fantasia: Song For Denise
  • Coyote: As The Crow Flies
  • Saint Etienne: Speedwell (Flying Mix)
  • The Aloof: Never Get Out Of The Boat (Gosh Mix)
  • Audio Trip: Dreamatic
If the mix is a bit clunky in places, that's all part of the appeal. The DJ at Poco Loco isn't too fussed about mixing, it's all about the vibe and the song selection. Plus it's difficult to see with those sunglasses on indoors. While smoking. It was even more random when he/I was trying to shoehorn Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the theme from Hill Street Blues into it. Maybe we'll have to return to Disco Poco Loco Pub another time. 

Underneath Disco Poco Loco Pub  there is a shop selling tat for tourists. Being both a tourist and someone who is partial to a bit of tat, I had a look inside. All three of us agreed that Isaac would have loved the mug you can see below. He would have laughed long and hard at being offered his juice in it. So we bought one for him. It now sits on the bookshelf near by records and stereo, in between a replica Lewis chessman and a knitted Andrew Weatherall doll. I did think about putting it on his grave but we felt that was a step too far. 


Alistair said...

No birdie song?

Swiss Adam said...

No Alistair. The Birdie Song only gets played at Monday Night Madness, Mad Mick's night. All shots 2 for 1, women free entry before midnight.

Khayem said...

Superb stuff, Adam. Thirty five minutes later, I was expecting to be half cut, heading off in search of a kebab and a tattoo that I'd immediately regret the next morning.

Some seriously good tunes there, and always good to hear Speedwell and Never Get Out Of The Boat. Coyote fit right in, too.

A lovely story about the mug for Isaac, as well. Really made me smile.

Swiss Adam said...

Let's get that kebab. And tattoo.