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Friday 1 April 2022

Kissed Again Again

Last September I posted the final track from a compilation by Brighton's Higher Love Recordings label, a track by 10:40 called Kissed Again. 10:40 is Jesse Fahnestock, an American producer residing in Sweden. When I first posted Kissed Again I said this about it...

The finale is a blissed out glide- by track from Jesse Fahnestock's 10:40 alias, an eight minute trip called Kissed Again, with gently rising and falling synths, bubbling sounds, rolling piano chords, some acid squiggles and a sense of reaching an ending that'll leave you either grinning or slightly dewy eyed. Maybe both. I can't recommend it enough.

I make no apologies for posting it again six months later. It's out today as a single, it's late summer of 2021 euphoric melancholy now transformed in early spring into something very hopeful indeed- the promise of long late evenings, the gentle hubbub of plazas and squares, folk on their way somewhere. It leaves me dewy eyed (still) too- and not only because of my current precarious emotional state. Those piano rolls and chords. The gently padding drums. The acid synthlines buzzing to and fro. The undulating melodies and ebbs and flows of elation. And the final thirty seconds as the sounds and FX fade like the tide, leaving you with the feeling that all you really want to do is play it again. 

Today's single release comes with two new tracks, Fin and Coat Check, neither of which I've heard yet but 10:40's Bandcamp page offers us 'haunting blissed out beauty tailor made for the majesty of a warm summer sunset' (Fin) and 'a slow mo sojourn into an electro chug wilderness' (Coat Check) both of which sound very much up my street. The EP is available to buy at Bandcamp


Tom W said...

There's a Hardway Bros remix of It's Over If We Run Out Of Love out. That's certainly going to feature here. Which is an opportunity to say what I've been waiting to say: it's a great song, I like it a lot, it's at the climax of a compilation, but is that central hammering synth riff not very similar to the riff in the old Top of The Pops theme, Yellow Pearl?

Sorry for being off-topic or ahead of topic. But come on it is.

jesseblack said...

It's a damn fine tune Tom W, no apologies!

Swiss Adam said...

I'll post the Holmes remixes at some point in the near future. The Top of the Pops them hadn't occurred to me but you've mentioned it, I can hear it. Really like the Hardway Bros remixes. The Darren Emerson one is a real return to form.

Swiss Adam said...

While I'm here, I've now heard the other 2 tracks on the Kissed Again single. Fin is gorgeous, a real balm for sore ears and psyches. Coat Check lifts things up again, a little nibble of something to perk you up again as the sun comes up.

Khayem said...

I'm pleased that Kissed Again has got a release in its own right. Although I snapped up the Higher Love Vol.1 compilation on your recommendation, I went ahead and bought the Kissed Again EP yesterday and, needless to say, the two new songs do not disappoint.

Likewise, the David Holmes remix EP mentioned by Tom W, a couple of listens so far and I love 'em all.