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Thursday 14 April 2022

Happy House

More from the seafront in Mallorca. In terms of photographs and blogposts I just can't let these things pass. 

Happy House

Happy House was a March 1980 single for Siouxsie And The Banshees, a single that saw the birth of 'Banshees Mark 2' in Siouxsie's own words. The arrival of Budgie on drums and John McGeoch on guitar underpinned Siouxsie's vocals with tribal rhythms and reggae influenced grooves from the new drummer, and edgy, paranoid guitars from the new guitarist. On Happy House McGeoch came up with a superb riff that the entire song is built around, circling, haunting and utterly distinctive. 


Nick L said...

This was a great post punk single, in a brilliant era for singles generally. There's also a good sounding forthcoming book on John McGeoch which I'm looking forward to.

Khayem said...

One of the Banshees' finest moments. Calvin Harris clearly thought so too when he recorded Acceptable In The 80s.

I'm assuming Hong Kong Garden was a few doors up, though I'd pass on eating at Cities In Dust, to be honest.

Swiss Adam said...

I was hoping Hong Kong Garden was next door too.