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Tuesday 7 June 2022

Across the Kitchen Table

Three songs for Drew today who is in the midst of some tough times. His blog Across The Kitchen Table was around way back in the late 00s and was one of the reasons I started this. Since striking up an online friendship (beginning with posts about Weatherall records if I remember right) we've met in real life on several occasions in Glasgow and Manchester, even venturing out to watch lower tier Scottish football at Airdrie back in 2017. All the best Drew, take care of yourself and each other. 

First song is by The Fall, der gruppe he loves as much as any. I could pick almost any Fall song at random. On looking in my Fall folder I went for this one, prime late 80s Fall with Mark and Brix chanting something about Baghdad space cog analysts before the scabrous Mancabilly fires in on all cylinders and MES goes off about guest informants, cheap hotels and miserable Scottish hotels that resemble Genesis and Marillion album covers in 1973. I guess touring in the 80s really didn't agree with him. 

Guest Informant

Secondly round about this time of year when Drew's blog Across The Kitchen Table was active he would post this Jonathan Richman song, a slightly calmer and less unhinged way to start your Tuesday. 

That Summer Feeling

And finally, The Pale Fountains in 1985...

... From Across The Kitchen Table


Charity Chic said...

Thoughts with Drew at this difficult time
Always good to hear That Summer Feeling

keepingitpeel said...

Have only skimmed through the Twitt last few days, haven't known what is going on. Hope things get better for Drew and be back soon to tell us about Weatherall. I mean, nobody else around here does.

Walter said...

Great Adam, thinking of Drew on this difficult times. Hope this post can make it a bit easier.

Khayem said...

Many thanks, Adam. I'm not a regular on Twitter so please pass on my best wishes to Drew. Across The Kitchen Table was also a major inspiration for me and I hope he's aware of how much love, respect and good will for him there is out in the blogosphere.

George said...

I miss his blog!

JC said...

Lovely words Adam.

I've been in contact with Drew these past couple of days.....he's just about holding it together by the sounds of things.