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Friday 24 June 2022

This Is Something

At the tail end of last year Sean Johnston released a cover of Willow's Song, the haunting, freaked out folk song from The Wicker Man, recording as The Suummerisle Trio. It came out as a 7" on Golden Lion Sounds, vinyl only but you can listen to it here. The Trio were/ are Sean, Duncan Grey and singer Sarah Rebecca. 

Sean's now expanded the trio to a six piece, pulling in Andy Bell on guitar, Jo Bartlett on vocals (from It's Jo And Danny), Kevin Sharkey (ex- Undertones and That Petrol Emotion) and Mick Somerset Ward on sax (Clock DVA, Crooked Man). On top of that line up he's got Rico Conning in on remix duties (ex- Torch Song, the early 80s electro- ambient outfit he started with William Orbit). The resulting song is a shift on again, into late 80s/ early 90s territory with a pulsing sequencer line, a thumping, propulsive groove, spacey sound and Jo's vocal soaring on top and the sax skronking away inside the mix, a sort of indie- dance/ disco/ acid house synthesis. The full extended mix is eight minutes, an end of the night anthem. The dub mix is a beauty too. Rico's remix ten minutes of Balearic splendour. It came out on 12" a couple of months ago and is now available digitally on Sean's new label Outre- Mer- you can listen and buy here

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Walter said...

I really like these songs. SJ is always good for a surprise. Hope this band will release more of these beauties.