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Friday 10 June 2022

I Do Know How I Survive

Even the North Sea can look beautiful at sunset sailing away from Rotterdam and back to Hull. This song has been going round in my head since Vangelis died two weeks ago and since Khayem's epic forty minute State Of Independence mix at Dubhed. The Donna Summer and Moodswings versions are my go to ones but there's no denying the original, Jon and Vangelis in 1981. Lilting, euphoric, futuristic electronic pop. 

State Of Independence 

The saxophone is played by Dick Morrissey who also turned up on Vangelis' Blade Runner score, especially on Love Theme (which I posted here last month). The sax solo on Love Theme, with a penny dropping flash we all realised recently, references State Of Independence. 

Donna Summer's 1982 over version became a hit, top twenty in the UK and number one in the Netherlands, whose coastline you can just see fading into the horizon in my picture up top. I love it when things come together accidentally like this. 


The Swede said...

Those first two Jon & Vangelis LP's sold in huge quantities at the time, so we played both of them in the shop regularly at lunchtimes and on Saturdays in 1980/1981. I flicked through a few of their tracks after hearing of Vangelis' death and was amazed to find how much of the music had lodged itself in the dusty recesses of the old noggin, even though I hadn't heard either of the albums in 35+ years. Meanwhile, I can't remember a bloody thing I played yesterday of course.

Another tremendous photo Adam.

Khayem said...

Many thanks for the kind reference, Adam. Aside from more brilliant music and stunning images, your posts have made me long to return to the Netherlands again.

Our only previous experiences were driving to Dover, then through France and Belgium with a small child for a (in truth brilliant) week at a Center Parcs and the surrounding villages. But it excited a desire to go back and properly see more of the country. Rotterdam sounds - and looks - amazing.

So glad you managed to get so much out of your short stay.

Swiss Adam said...

I bought a Vangelis compilation while in Rotterdam Swede, haven't played it yet but it seemed the right place to pick one up.

Khayem- I'll happily return to Belgium and the Netherlands whenever I get the opportunity.