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Thursday 16 June 2022

I'm Living In The Eighties

Not too far from yesterday's Ministry and Adrian Sherwood post, today's songs come from Killing Joke and their 1984 single Eighties (from their fifth album Night Time). Eighties is a pulverising, semi- manic but tightly controlled assault, Jaz Coleman typically intense on vocals, and a post- punk bass, drums and guitar groove that would fill dance floors with a mess of hair, leather, beer and eyeliner. The 12" came with the Serious Dance Mix on the A-side. How hard are those drums?

Eighties (Serious Dance Mix)

The Killing Joke In Dub three CD pack is loaded with superb versions and remixes of Killing Joke's songs. The Voodoo Dub Mix of Eighties is still pretty fast and furious, emphasis on the voodoo more than the dub maybe. 

Eighties (Voodoo Dub Mix)


Swanditch said...

Man they owe Cobain some royalties

Adam Turner said...

Ha ha. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Why do you say that ? I don't get it.

Adam Turner said...

KJ were going to sue when Nirvana's Come As You Are clearly borrowed heavily from Eighties. When Kurt died they decided to let it go.