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Wednesday 19 October 2022

Get Phunked Up

Long time reader Spencer's suggestion to send me a song which I then write about achieved lift off last week with the first song in this irregular series, Jon Spencer and his Blues Explosion twisted all over the place by DFA back in 2005- you can read that instalment here if you missed it. Spencer's followed it up with a huge slice of mid 90s Mo' Wax business from La Funk Mob, French downtempo, breakbeat action. 

Motor Bass Get Phunked Up

It's all about the piano and that huge, natural reverb sound they captured, a menacing and insistent call to the dancefloor, along with a jackhammer clang and some industrial clattering. Mechanical rhythms but definitely with a human at the controls. There's a perfectly executed breakdown just before two minutes, a breathy French girl muttering 'La Funk Mob, ça m'rend folle!' and then it all goes off, the hip hop drums and bassline cutting in,a stuttering beat building a head of steam. The hiss of cymbals. Heads bobbing up and down. Carpet getting worn out. House party music. Maison party music. Vive La Funk Mob!

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