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Monday 24 October 2022

Monday's Long Song

On Saturday, the leaves all started to suddenly appear rust and gold among the green, the sort of sight that says proper autumn, beautiful spread of colour and crisp blue skies. Not for long though. On Sunday it rained heavily all day, the leaves turning to sludge in gutters and puddles. 

To add insult to injury, Boris Johnson returns too, a man removed only three and half months ago from office for lying and lawbreaking, now suddenly seemingly the answer to the Bizarro world of the Conservative Party and it's ongoing psychodrama that the rest of us are forced to live in. 

Here's some genuine beauty to compensate from Brighton's Higher Love label today and their recently released Vol. 2 compilation. The closing track is by Mass Density Human, a gorgeous twelve minute piece of music called Emulate which when you describe makes it sound like less than the sum of its parts- some long drawn out synth chords, a pulsing bassline, some electronic drums, a plinking sound, like a pipe being tapped with a metal tool. Emulate builds into something epic, space age and futuristic, music to soundtrack lives and moments, climbing ever upwards. As the track heads on into eight, nine, ten minutes, you start to wonder whether it can or even should ever end.  

Higher Love Vol 2 can be bought here


JC said...

Autumn up here has been strange as it's rained daily, often heavily, for the past three weeks, so the mush leaves have long been in abundance.

At least BoJo isn't coming back, and Sunak hopefully feels he doesn't need to offer him a seat round any table. But it's still a total shit fest and a not having the courage to call an election shows the Tories' disregard and contempt for the general populace.

Swiss Adam said...

The perils of writing a blogpost the day before it publishes and the rapid fire rate of current British politics.

General election now!