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Monday 10 October 2022

Monday's Long Song

The Orielles, teenage punk funk sensations from Halifax, have been living and recording in Manchester since 2020 and have undergone a major transformation for their third album Tableau. Their musical experimentation was made clear when they remixed Unknown Genre recently, turning in a remix that sounded like something that could have come out on Warp in the early 90s,  a wondrous slice of ambient techno/ IDM. 

This song, Beam/s, came out as a single/ taster at the end of August, a slow burning eight minutes that starts off like Sonic Youth and then heads into Broadcast territory and then further off again, accessible and experimental space rock. The band were involved in directing and producing the video too. They seem to have placed themselves in a class of one right now. 

On second single The Room, out last month, they tapped into a 90s downtempo/ lounge/ pop vibe, not too far from Saint Etienne but with a 21st century future jazz feel. The album came out last week. I haven't heard it yet will do soon.

Back in 2020 when their second album Disco Volador came out there was a fantastic remix of Bobbi's Second World by Confidence Man and then previously in 2017 they were remixed by Weatherall (twice) and Radioactive Man. The Confidence Man remix is all summer dance music vibes, dubby keyboard stabs echoing round and a hissy drum machine with vocals wafting around over the top and uplifting house piano. 


Martin said...

Completely new to me. Intriguing, makes me want to listen more. That must be a good thing, right?

Swiss Adam said...

That's a very good thing Martin

Walter said...

A very good album indeed that made great fun to me- as I said yesterday

The Swede said...

Blimey the two new tunes are good. I haven't heard these guys in quite some time and I obviously need to catch up.

Khayem said...

And they're on Heavenly, as if any further recommendation needed.

I only heard The Orielles for the first time late last year via one of the Weatherall remixes that you mentioned and their remix of A Certain Ratio on Loco Remezclada. I've loved what I've heard since, including the two songs featured here.

It's been a bloody brilliant year for new music, hasn't it?

Swiss Adam said...

Yes, lots of great new music around, more than I can keep up with sometimes.