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Monday 31 October 2022

Monday's Long Song

David Harrow, formerly resident of the On U Soundsystem house band now resident of Los Angeles, continues to write, record and release music. His most recent piece of work was a seven track album called By The River, inspired by the 'concrete lined trash tube known as the LA river'. David has often headed down to the river and a concrete amphitheatre near Frogtown to play and record modular synths outdoors. By The River takes parts of those recordings as its starting point and then heads out into a beautiful ambient, experimental space. Opening track Icelander is eight minutes of gorgeous drones, synth sounds, delay and filters and echo, and some piano notes dappled over the top. It floats and enchants and is as good a way to start Monday morning as any other I can think of. 

Icelander and the rest of By The River can be bought at Bandcamp. The following six tracks are just as good, from the twelve minute odyssey of Birdsongs to the distortion and gossamer haze of closer Across The Lavaflow. 

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