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Sunday 9 April 2023

Half An Hour Of King Tubby

The beach at St. Bees, Cumbria, has some interesting features as well as its own natural beauty. These two rings up the cliff face, presumably for mooring boats to, both well worn by the sea and time. The soft cliff face and rocks have been a haven for graffiti artists and people wanting to scratch their name, leave a reminder of who visited and when. There are lots of names from 1985 and 1986, the traditional so- and- so loves so- and- so (do they still? ) and some much older graffiti, some dating back to the holiday makers and day trippers from the 19th century (as seen below). 

The cross in the photo above is my concession to Easter. Happy Easter. Sunday, whether Easter or not, is always a good day for some dub and dub doesn't get more serious or better than when King Tubby is at the controls. I put this mix together with hundreds of King Tubby tracks, dubs and songs in front of me, hours and hours worth and almost all of it as good as anything that came from Jamaica in the 70s. 

  • Tommy McCook And The Aggrovators: Disco Rockers
  • King Tubby: We Rule
  • Tommy McCook And The Aggrovators: The Dub Station
  • Yabby You and King Tubby: Warning Version
  • Augustus Pablo: 555 Dub Street
  • King Tubby: Dub From The Roots
  • King Tubby: A Better Version
  • King Tubby And The Aggrovators: Dub Fi Gwan
  • King Tubby: Declaration Of Dub
  • Augustus Pablo: King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown
Tommy McCook and The Aggrovators' Super Star- Disco Rockers came out in 1977, the year two sevens clash. Tubby engineered it. Tommy McCook and The Aggravators Dub Station album came out two years earlier, one of the best dub albums there is- lush, melodic, dramatic, Tubby manipulating volume, mix and FX at the desk. It bounces. 

Yabby You and King Tubby's Conquering Lion dates from 1977. An expanded edition from 2021 on Pressure Sounds with all the dubs is serious summer music. Listen with a glass of rum and ginger on ice. 

555 Dub Street and the title track that closes the mix above both come from Augustus Pablo's classic 1976 album, King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, one of dub's definitive texts with a line up of the best dub musicians at their peak- Robbie Shakespeare and Aston Barrett on bass, Carlton Barrett on drums and Earl 'Chinna' Smith on guitar. 

Dub Fi Gwan- clattering drums, endless rhythms, rimshots, echo and bassline- was the final track on Dub Gone Crazy, a 1994 Blood And Fire compilation of Tubby tracks from the 1975- 1979 era. It turned me on to King Tubby and dub in a big way. 

A Better Version is from an expanded version of King Tubby Presents: The Roots Of Dub, a King Tubby album from 1975, Horace Andy's Skylarking twisted inside itself and dubbed out into space. Strangely I've missed including anything from the original version of that album in this mix- a Tubby Mix Two will have to follow at some point. 

Dub From The Roots and Declaration Of Dub are both from 1975's Dub From The Roots, his first full length, self- titled album, dubwise versions of Bunny Lee songs. 


Khayem said...

Just looking at the track listing, I can see we're in for a treat. Thanks, Adam, as you say, Sunday is always a good day for some dub, especially when it's top notch dub like this.

Great photos, glad you've been able to get away. Hope the rest of your weekend is equally fab.

Walter said...

Excellent choice and as Khayem said, Sunday is always good for some dub. And you made me start into this Sunday. Thank you Adam

Ernie Goggins said...

Excellent selection. Thanks.

Darcy said...

The Augustus Pablo track is of course a stone cold classic. It's funny I have always known it as "King Tubby Meets THE Rockers Uptown". But more recently I always see it referred to without the "the". Looking at my UK Island 45 from back in the day though, it does include the "the". So I'm not going mad.

Will look forward to listening the your mix. thanks.

Ibex1251 said...

Sweet dub mix brother. Jah bless x

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks all.

Darcy- I did wonder about the word The from Rockers Uptown. Seems to appear and disappear in different releases.

The Swede said...

Easter Monday is drawing to a close as I catch up with this mix. It's blissful stuff SA, thanks.