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Friday 21 April 2023

Omo Can

This came out last Friday on Duncan Grey's ever wonderful Tici Taci label, a two track release from Tirana, Albania, by Uj Pa Gaz. The frist track is Omo Can, all shimmer, flutter and bounce, jangly Balkan/ Balearica, five minutes of blissful sounds and a slice of summer come early. It's only April I know and it doesn't really feel like spring has arrived yet but May is just around the corner and this is the sort of track to play as you feel the first warmth of the sun coming through, as we have a little this week (the word for that is one of my favourite words- apricity- feeling the warmth of the sun in winter). Omo Can has a two note bassline, an acoustic guitar riff that sounds a little like The Woodentops, some synth judders and an irrepressibly upbeat tone.  

The second track is Fritz, cut from the same cloth but slightly wiggier, funky and for dancing. There's a lovely backwards guitar line/ synth line running through the last few minutes, Balkan cosmische. Back in 2019 there was a superb release also from Tirana and also connected to Duncan (via a remix) by an artist called Pines In The Sun who put out an EP with three tracks, Zig Zag Sea and Sun (plus the remix) and which this has prompted me to revisit. I'll follow it up here soon. 

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