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Saturday 15 April 2023

Saturday Live

1991, A Man Called Adam (Sally Rodgers with a superbly '91 bowl cut and body warmer, Steve Jones on keys, synths, samples and long sleeved t- shirt and Leftfield's Paul Daley on congas, bongos and bucket hat) kicking up a Balearic storm at The Town And Country Club. Part One opens with Barefoot In The Head, the song that when all's said and done is the one they'll be remembered for, a genuine classic. 

As ever with these things, the crowd are as much the stars as the performers on stage- lots of dilated pupils and baggy jeans, bobbing and shuffling from left to right, hands pumping and shoulders rolling. Part Two raises the temperature with Ameoba, 808s, warm synth sounds, jazzy/ Latin melodies and some very late 80s/ early 90s sentiments in the lyrics- 'All we want/ and we need / Is something better to believe'.


Part Three is only a couple of minutes completing things, Sally and the crowd frugging to the beats and piano. Weirdly but brilliantly, the YouTuber's upload suddenly cuts into N- Joi doing Anthem on Top Of The Pops, that video cassette that he kept by the VCR ready to tape anything of interest turning into a long compilation of late night TV and early evening music programmes. We all had some of those didn't we?

Anthem (Original Mix)


Nick L said...

Wow, put that in a time capsule for 1991 as it just screams that year doesn't it! I'd forgotten just how much Bez dancing still had kids in its grip then. Good tunes though.

Khayem said...

Great stuff, Adam. I’ve never seen an AMCA live gig in person or on YouTube, so thanks for sharing. I love their early 90s material, though three decades on they’re still delivering the goods. A fab start to the weekend.