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Wednesday 12 April 2023

Back With Me

My collaboration with reader Spencer, an irregular series where he sends me a song and I write about it, has focussed recently on the output of Cornish DJ/ producer Luke Vibert. In previous weeks I've posted the Hammer House of Horror/ drum 'n' bass of Mr. Jones And Me, the sampledelic Doozit and the funked up sci fi of Kerrier District. After a break of a couple of weeks, I'm back on the Vibert trail today with a 2017 rave/ house thumper, Back With Me. It was a track that was new to me, from a 2020 compilation album out on Hypercolour Patterns along with artists such as DMX Crew, A Sagittarian and Alphonse. Back With Me is a perfect spring pick me up, filled with energy and a desire to nothing me than make you smile/ dance. 

Back With Me

There's a lot going on here although it sounds very simple- a well chosen vocal sample, some hyperactive rave stylings, breakbeat drums, rising early 90s synth chords and a piano part that hits hard. Although Back With Me sounds very simple, basic even, there's lots going on and the production is superb. The breakdown and re- entry just before the three minute point and subsequent siren send this into orbit.

The vocal sample is from a 1986 underground electro single by Petria, I Miss Your Love, a record that conjures up all kinds of 80s- isms. 


Khayem said...

If Luke Vibert has ever delivered below par music, under his own name or his many, many aliases, I've yet to hear it. This one was new to me but did not disappoint. Thanks, Adam and Spencer, this series also never fails to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Love it - going on one of my playlists. OK if I use your photo as the cover? If you use Spotify I'll ping it over to you when it's ready..


Adam Turner said...

Go for it, feel free to use the photo. My daughter uses Spotify so I use hers when she's at home. I'll find out what her account is called and you can send it to there