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Sunday, 14 February 2021


14th February. Valentine's Day in lockdown, difficult to spark some romance perhaps when you've been living in confined quarters for the best part of a year and a dinner date in a restaurant is out of the question- a takeaway tea or coffee while sheltering from the arctic blasts that have been heading our way this week is the most that lovers can hope for. We've still got music though. Here's some songs for lovers.

First The Scientist and a rocking dub from 1980, recorded at Channel One and mixed at King Tubby's, Sly and Robbie on board with bass and drums. 


From 1991 and  Love Corporation,  Ed Ball's loved up Creation Records dance division- chunky drums, piano runs and thumping bass. 



Khayem said...

Sadly, even the takeaway tea or coffee is off the cards today as we live about 8 miles from the nearest cafe, and it's pissing down outside which might temper the enthusiasm for a romantic walk. However, there's always music, a cosy fire and a teen daughter with cabin fever...

Great song selection and an especially great photo accompaniment, something I look forward to as much as the written and musical content. Have a great day, Adam.

Swiss Adam said...

Teen daughters with cabin fever are a feature of lockdown. Not raining here but bitterly cold with an artic wind. Lovely.