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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Future Rave Memory

Back in 2019 Richard Fearless put out an album called Deep Rave Memory, a purist's vision of ambient techno recorded inside an actual metal box overlooking the Thames. Sparse, austere, transcendent, hypnotic synth sounds, industrial textures and on some of the tracks with some truly pounding drums. It was/ is a perfect slice of modernist machine music- gnarly, physical and in places beautiful. A while ago I heard a rumour that there was going to be a companion version, an abstract, ambient version with drums and percussion removed so that what would remain would be the washes of dark synths, the melodies, an emotional bath for ambient, industrial fans. This new version,  called Future Rave Memory, is out in November with the vinyl to follow in December. This is Our Acid House, a fifteen minute trip through the murky psychogeography of London's docklands, all shadows, electricity, dark water and murk. 

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Rickyotter said...

One of my all time faves of the last few years - thrilled the ambient version is getting a release