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Friday 26 March 2010

Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 8

OK, here we go. The kids have been to a junior disco and come back all amped up on sweets and mini-eggs, Mrs Swiss is off on the town with the girls, and our three household smoke alarms have gone off for no reason for a good twenty minutes (and I can still hear them ringing in my ears). And it's Friday night rockabilly time.

This track Skull And Crossbones by Sparkle Moore is a real hidden gem. Real name Barbara Morgan (and I kind of wish I didn't know she had a real name), Sparkle got her nickname due to looking like the character Sparkle from the Dick Tracy comics, often dressed in men's leathers with a bleached blonde quiff, and recorded only a handful of songs -Rock-A-Bop, Tiger, Killer, Flower Of My Heart and this B-Side Skull And Crossbones. She supported Gene Vincent and was set to play the Grand Ole Opry but quit music when pregnant in 1957 and never recorded again, instead raising a family. You can find her on compilations with wonderful titles like Good Girls Gone Bad, Them Rockabilly Cats, Cool Off Baby, Hot Boppin' Girls and Rockabilly Kittens. This is a good 'un- get it while it's hot.

'You should be labelled with a skull and a crossbones
Cos you're a jinx to my soul'

skull and crossbone.mp3


hsd said...

love this

drew said...

Better late than never, another good un SA.