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Sunday 21 March 2010

Grant Hart 'You're The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water'

I've written about Husker Du survivor Grant Hart before, when I posted his first post-Husker solo song 2541. I'd forgotten all about this, until a certain Mr A. Weatherall played it on his 6 Mix show the other weekend. Grant released his first solo album in ten years last year, Hot Wax, which I got from emusic, played a few times, and then sort of forgot about. This is as good a reason why the BBC should not axe 6 Music as any- a station where this kind of stuff gets played by people like Weatherall is not easy to find.

I used to be a massive Husker Du fan, still am I suppose but I don't find myself playing their stuff that often anymore. We have a fairly geriatric cat called Husker. Grant Hart has been a bit overlooked and over shadowed, releasing the odd solo album, forming and then splitting Nova Mob, rumoured to be working with Godspeed You Black Emperor (I can't remember where they put the exclamation mark anymore). This song sent me back to the album it came off, and it's pretty good, but this is the stand out track, a buzzing, rock and roll song, with nicely muddy yet fizzy production. Apparently the lyric is inspired by a buddhist saying 'He's the reflection of the moon on the water, but he's not the moon'. You can probably get as much or as little from that as you want.

Youre The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water.mp3


sshh said...

Hi there,

I'm a Grant Hart fan too. In fact, I took this photo of Grant with his cat. I'd be interested to know where you got it from. It seems to be available as an image on Google too. I don't mind people using it as long as they're not paying someone else for it. It would be nice to get credited too.

I'm not having a go at you and I like what you write about Grant.

Chantal (Latchford)

Swiss Adam said...

Hi Chantal, I got the pic from google image, searched for Grant Hart and there it was. Apologies for using it without your permission. It's a great pic, credit where it's due, and rest assured no one got paid for it. I've no idea where it came from originally but I guess if you trawled through google image it would turn up somewhere else other than here.